It will be one of the most important prize money in Italy for the bikers who will race on Sunday, 27th September in Iseo-Franciacorta (Brescia).

There is no crisis for it: when passion and wish to create an high quality event are very important, it does not matter if the accounts do not balance… So the Organizing Committee of the GimondiBike has decided to confirm the prize money: 21.000 euros among money, trophies, objects and services.

182 the lucky bikers who will come home with a prize, as many as the available prizes!! 

The first classed male biker in the Assoluti category will receive 1.000 euros, besides a trophy and a watch by the master Antonino Rando.

About women, the total prize money will be about 2.000 euros: the winner will gain 600 euros. But bikers’ efforts belonging to other categories, from Elite to Junior until Cycling tourists / Excursionists will receive ready money, navigator systems, dvd readers and TVs.
And who will not succeed in being on the podium? Do not worry: all the athletes will take part in the drawing of 60 prizes by lot, while the first five sport groups with the highest number of cyclists (cumulative registration) will receive the “GimondiBike 2009” trophy.

So an exciting prize money will wait for all bikers in Iseo, for an edition which wants to be proved among the best races in this sector. 
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